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Covid Hiatus; Going Forward

Hello readers! If it wasn’t apparent from the date of my last post, this blog went on hiatus when Ontario’s Covid-19 emergency lockdown went into effect (subtitle: that time my daughter’s one-week March break turned into six months).

Physically my family is doing fine. We’re lucky to live in a country that has thus far responded well to the pandemic, we’ve had minimal local cases, and we’re taking each new challenge in stride. It is what it is.

Mentally? This situation has been the perfect storm for burnout: working from home, guiding our business through the pandemic, homeschooling on a week’s notice, caring for two young children round the clock with few of the usual outlets for their energy… oh, and being reminded of the dumpster-fire state of the world at every turn. For months every attempt to write ended in tears.

I kept reading though; books kept me sane this summer and I can only imagine they’ll be as important – if not more – through the coming winter months.

So, what is the plan for this blog going forward? I’d like to ease back into blogging. Both reading challenges for the year are on track with a quarter of the year to go and I plan to see them through. I’ve been working behind the scenes to put together a bookstagram account and having a lot of fun with it (no posts yet but see the header of this post for a sample). Still debating what to do with the 101 in 1001 list as Covid lockdown made some goals unachievable for the time being.

In summary: I’m back, but we’ll see how things go and adjust accordingly!

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  1. It’s nice to hear from you again. Welcome back!

    1. Thank you! It’s good to be back! 🙂

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