[2021] Bookish Goals

I don’t share a lot of personal details on this blog, but suffice to say 2020 was a wild year! Our family went through enormous changes in some respects, while other parts of our lives remain at a standstill because of the pandemic. Most relevant to this blog is that it was another year of growth for my reading habits: more books read, with clearer intention, and on the whole reading has had a huge positive impact on my life.

What does 2021 have in store? In general, more of the same: continue to read regularly, post regularly, grow my bookstagram, and put more effort into reviews… whether it’s a short review on instagram stories (see the 2021 reviews highlight) or a full-length blog review. With that in mind, here are more specific goals:

Read 75 books overall
5 more than last year’s total.

…including at least 26 books for Classics Club
130 books over 5 years works out to 26 books per year… Which is the number I meant to put on the graphic on instagram, not 25, but whatever, not bothered enough to change it. Also at least one book from each subcategory.

… and Finish The Count of Monte Cristo
A subgoal of a subgoal, haha. I have a category under the Classics Club list for huge books, with the goal of reading one of them per year of the challenge. Starting with the longest.

Participate in a Readathon
I want to participate in more month-by-month challenges and events! My first readathon of the year is coming up in February and I’m on the lookout for more.

Bingo on Beat the Backlist and #QueerBookFun2021
I’m taking a more graphics-based approach to reading challenges this year; images are easier to crosspost between the blog and bookstagram than lists. I picked a couple of fun bingo-style reading challenges to narrow down 2021’s TBR: Beat the Backlist, hosted by NovelKnight, and #QueerBookFun2021, hosted by Enthralled Bookworm. At the very least I want to complete a line bingo on each card.

Paint Downstairs Book Shelf
Part of a surface-level renovation of our downstairs living area/play room. I have a colour scheme and plan to paint the bookshelf to match.

Update Goodreads Account
Make sure all the books I currently own are listed, remove books no longer in my collection, tidy up TBR shelves, and crosspost reviews.

Major Destash
Already in progress! I cleaned out our storage room over the holidays and sorted books that had been out of sight for a while… Long story short I have a laundry basket of books to donate when this lockdown ends.

What are your bookish goals for 2021?

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  2. Woohooo, good luck on these goals! And thank you so much for including #QueerBookFun2021! I hope you enjoy 😀

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