Welcome! I’m Melissa, a 32-year-old blogger from rural Canada. In theory this is a blog for anything related to my “on paper” obsessions – reading in particular, sometimes art and writing – but in practice it is also frequently a personal/hobby blog where I talk about whatever.

I live with my husband, two children, and our pets on a small farm. I currently work from home while also watching the kids full-time.

Topics of Interest

Reading Preferences: I try to read a wide variety of genres but lean toward horror, fantasy, science fiction, slice-of-life, romance, and select nonfiction. I occasionally read graphic novels and manga. I read primarily adult and young adult fiction. My children love everything from board books to beginner reader/simple chapter books at this stage.

I Don’t Read Much: There are always exceptions to the rule, but in general I don’t seek out middle grade, self-help, pet stories, cozy mysteries, mystery thrillers, autobiographies, sports, or superhero comics.

Non-Bookish Hobbies: Reading dominates my (limited) free time, but expect some guest appearances from video and board games, digital and traditional art, geocaching, and gardening/homesteading.

Questions, Answered

Review Policy? All opinions expressed are my own. Full disclosure will be included in each review post – where I sourced the media, motivation for reviewing, etc. I am more than happy to accept review requests – and will shortly have a page with more details on that matter.

Photo Sources? Unless otherwise credited, all photographs used on this blog are my own. I take most photos with an iPhone 11.