Review: The Lost Village, Camilla Sten

Silvertjärn was once a bustling mining town that went the way of many such towns: once the mines closed, most of its population left to find work elsewhere, while those who remained stagnated. The killing blow came one summer day in 1959, when the remaining 900 inhabitants disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a dead woman, an abandoned newborn, and a wealth of questions and theories.

Review: Perfect on Paper, Sophie Gonzales

Relationships are messy and complicated. Darcy Phillips knows this firsthand: the daughter of divorced and busy parents who struggle to make quality time for their kids, she took her hobby of studying relationships and relationship advice and turned it into an afterschool business during her freshman year. Read the full review here.

Review: The Conductors, Nicole Glover

The Conductors stalled me for a solid two weeks and I had a hell of a time pinpointing why. There are a lot of great things about this book. The concept is creative and interesting; the summary immediately drew me in. Nicole Glover’s characters are full-fledged and sympathetic. The setting is richly imagined and the characters move about in a complicated and compelling world. In spite of these great elements, however, there were narrative choices that made it hard for me to stay engaged with the central plot.

Review: A Dark and Hollow Star, Ashley Shuttleworth

A Dark and Hollow Star is, to describe it in one word, chaotic. There’s a lot going on with its worldbuilding: Fae courts, gods from various pantheons, figures from religious and cultural myth… Immortals, mortals, and everyone in between… Unseelie and seelie, lesidhe and sidhe… All of these elements lay the groundwork for an interesting premise that suffers from pacing issues.

Top Ten Tuesday: January 5th 2021

Happy Tuesday – and happy new year! This week’s prompt is most anticipated releases for the first half of 2021. I’m excited about these books, but there’s no guarantee I’ll get around to any of them in a timely fashion (considering that some of these are the third in a series where the second book is still a TBR… #bookishproblems).

Top Ten Tuesday: December 15th 2020

TBR lists are hit-or-miss for me: the long-form style of having a list of prompts while still having the flexibility to read by mood works well, but I don’t do well with a short-term schedule unless there’s a strict deadline. So take this week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt – books on my Winter 2020-2021 TBR – with a grain of salt.