Doing something a little different this year: because a lot of my bookish activity takes place on instagram, 2021 is going to be a year of graphics over lists. I’m aiming to read 75 books overall, including at least 26 for Classics Club.

For year-long challenges I’ve picked a couple of book bingo cards! I’ll keep them updated below. I’m also keeping an eye open for monthly themed challenges and readathons.


#QueerBookFun2021 is being run by Enthralled Bookworm and you can find blank templates on their post. My picks are a mix of YA and adult fiction, new/upcoming releases and backlist books! There are a few prompts that have multiple options so the final picks may vary.

15/25 (60%)

Beat the Backlist

Beat the Backlist is run by Novel Knight. Realistically I won’t hit blackout for this card – aiming for a line bingo or two – but this has been a fun way to dig through my TBR and prioritise older books, in particular books I’ve been sitting on a physical copy of for ages. Still a work in progress!

9/50 (18%)

Monthly Challenges & Readathons

February 12th-26th: Astrolathon

Astrolathon is a two-week instagram readathon with prompts based on your zodiac sign. Filling these prompts with picks for QBF2021, Classics Club, and an ARC.